My work

I hope you enjoy browsing through the gallery pages to see some examples of what I have been creating over the last few years. Some of the work is for sale and I am also happy to consider commissions – please contact me for details via e-mail. 

My principal interest is in the process of making art, exploring different techniques and in combining different media. I work mainly in printmaking, digital imaging, book art and collage but also enjoy painting, photography and textiles. I aim to continue my artwork, exploring different themes, but a recurrent one will be about my home city of Sheffield, past and present. 

Art explorations

I have always had a love of art, but until relatively recently it was a minor hobby as I simply didn’t have the time to devote to it, having a busy job and a family.

My early work was in detailed watercolour landscapes but it wasn’t until I had the opportunity to study on an access course at Sheffield College in 2007, that I discovered how art could be done in so many different ways. I enjoyed it so much I went on to do a Foundation Degree course in Creative Arts Practice, which I finished in 2012, gaining a distinction.

It has been a fantastic experience to have the time to explore so many different areas of art, learn new techniques and use specialised equipment. My college course focused on different briefs, which I had to work to, so my output has been very varied in content and style. I have discovered that rather than wanting to stick to a particular genre of art, I am happiest when I can choose a particular theme and explore it to the full, usually with printmaking techniques.

And now.....

I enjoy working in many different media, but have a particular love of printmaking and the effects which can be produced. My current output is mainly in print, and I have been exploring the 'fossil' theme most recently, creating what appears to be a fossil from monoprint and linocuts. I am particularly interested in bringing a three-dimensional element into my work where possible, and have recently printed onto layers of glass. I won the Creswell Crags prize in 2015 at the Harley Open exhibition, which led to a solo exhibition at the Creswell Crags Visitors Centre in 2016; I produced 24 prints about the flora of the Creswell site, which involved a year's worth of printmaking, together with curating the exhibition. I feel I have come along way from where I started from and look forward to exploring printmaking further- there are so many things I want to do, exploring processes and combining different techniques, whilst working part-time in the NHS.

Please see the exhibitions page to have a closer encounter with my art work.

Get in touch

07522 860 063

Buying art pieces

All of the prints for sale are hand produced using traditional printmaking techniques, except where a digital print is specified in the description.

Some of the prints are of a limited edition, which is specified on the description of the artwork, and the number will be shown at the lower margin of the print with my signature (e.g 3/20). The other prints are one-off originals (artist prints, A/P) because the nature of the techniques used means they cannot be printed exactly the same each time. A/P will be shown at the lower margin of the print with my signature.

Payment may be either by internet bank transfer or cheque.

Artwork for sale will have the price indicated at the bottom of its description, please contact me for more information.

The artwork will be posted flat in a rigid envelope, no mounts or frames are included. Most of the prints are on A4 sized paper, which means ready made frames can be used to reduce your framing costs. An invoice will be included.

The prints on slate are for sale, but please contact me if you are interested as these will incur extra postage costs due to their weight.